We're the chef's secret ingredient.

We grow and sell deliciously sustainable food to flavor-obsessed chefs.

Our food is grown in zero-waste, circular ecosystems. We conserve water, upcycle waste, and give away what we don't sell.

It's how nature would farm.

Coming Soon

Sushi Grade Seafood, Responsibly Raised.

We're raising the bar for raising fish. Learn more about how we do things differently.

Better for All

Regenerative for you and the planet.

We're on a mission to nourish the world.

Our farms are indoor, land-based aquatic ecosystems designed to maximize health for both people & planet. Here's how we operate:

We grow the food we want our families to eat.
We feed our plants & animals natural diets.
We never use antibiotics.
We use renewable energy to power our farms.
We recirculate 99.9% of our water.
Explore Our Ecosystems